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The Latest in Healthcare – Regenerative Medicine being used to Treat Sports Injuries

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Regenerative Medicine to Treat Sports InjuriesIntroduction to Regenerative Medicine

Various treatment methods are being used in the field of regenerative medicine. Some of these techniques include platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, prolotherapy, stem cell therapy, and cartilage regeneration for the treatment of sports injuries.

Read more about platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy and stem cell therapy here.

A regenerative medicine treatment can used on its own, such as a PRP injection, or it may be used in combination with another, such as the injection being applied during cartilage regeneration surgery.

How Is Regenerative Medicine Used for Sports Injuries?

Sports injuries may entail the repairing or replacement of damaged tendon, cartilage, and ligament tissues. Stem Cell Therapy for Sports Injuries and other regenerative medicine treatments can be used to speed up the process of healing because they amplify the body’s natural abilities. They also encourage the growth of new tissue.

However, regenerative medicine should not be considered a substitute for other nonsurgical treatments. Traditionally, athletes practice rest, taping, bracing, and physical therapy for improved strength and flexibility. Instead of replacing a kind of treatment with the other, it is best to use both treatments together for synergistic and optimal healing.

Other Applications

The techniques in regenerative medicine aren’t just useful for treating sports injuries. For example, Stem Cell Treatment Injury is equally effective for tissue engineering. Thus, it can be used to create skin tissue for burn victims. Their potential in artificial organ development is also under research.

Many celebs have opted for and became Regenerative Medicine Examples when conventional methods of treatments failed them.

Reasons you should Choose Regenerative Medicine Sports Therapy

  • Unlike most methods, regenerative medicine usually consists of an injection that consists of biological material from your own blood and tissues. That is why it has a greater chance of success. These methods also present a lower risk of adverse reaction or rejection by your body to the injection.
  • Similarly, due to the absence of any foreign agent, regenerative medicine drastically reduces the risk of infection.
  • Since the procedures don’t involve surgery, they are virtually painless. Moreover, they don’t take more than several hours to complete.
  • Additional therapy can be provided with ease.
  • Many common orthopedic injuries and conditions will effectively heal with regenerative techniques. They also present a non-surgical alternative for patients.
  • Besides therapeutic benefits, the stem cell and PRP techniques are also good for pain alleviation.
  • Another advantage of these techniques is that they don’t require a prolonged post-procedural recovery period. A patient can return to their daily activities in a short time. That is why regenerative medicine is ideal for athletes who cannot afford to stay out of sports for longer than several weeks.

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